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Jillian McNulty, MS, OTR/L, CLT

I just finished taking the Soup 2 Nuts - The Cancer Experience course and it was excellent. The content was very comprehensive and it was presented in a very clear way. The instructor was engaging and easy to watch/listen to. It felt much more intimate than other courses on platforms in which instructors are standing stiffly in front of a white wall. Evidence was cited to back-up practice recommendations. As an OT, I feel like it focused well on treating the "whole person" and not just specific symptoms. It was easy to navigate and to take at my own pace. Overall, a really great course with useful information for anyone treating any patients with an oncological history of any kind. Highly recommend this course.

Emily Stallings, OTR/L, CLWT

I recently completed training and found it to be an excellent, relevant, and practical guide in understanding how to be a better rehab therapist for a variety of cancers. I literally took exercises, tips, and techniques from the class to the clinic the next day. It really helped me gain a deeper understanding of my breast cancer patients and all the treatments and therapies they go through.

Molly Kelso-Trass

I thought this course was fantastic. I felt that even though I definitely had less experience than most other clinicians I wasn't lost and I felt comfortable asking questions.

Jessica Lawler

This course was very informative and provided a lot of practical tools to go back and immediately start using in the clinic setting. It provided us with up-to-date techniques and a lot of hands-on opportunities.

Barbara Baker

This was a very practical course by treating clinicians for treating clinicians with plenty of time to share experiences and tools. There was new information as well as validation of things our organization already does. Very helpful, very worth the time!!

Katrina Brow

I really enjoyed this course and being able to attend remotely made it even better. The instructors are knowledgeable and though evidence-based practice is important, they also acknowledge a place for the treatments we all offer that are based on anecdotal evidence and experience. All of the information provided was good, some new, some review, and the instructors are knowledgeable. I loved the brief overview of pelvic floor dysfunction. This is an area I've never felt compelled to pursue, but welcome information that can enable me to answer patients' questions and direct them to providers who will offer skilled interventions.

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