Pelvic Floor Basics for Yourself & Your Client
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Course Description

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common issue affecting many people. One in three women and one in six men will experience a pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime. Although not every clinician may desire to specialize in the pelvic floor, all clinicians must possess knowledge of the fundamental aspects of pelvic floor function and dysfunction, and when to refer to a specialist.

Take this course if you want to:

  • Learn pelvic floor anatomy and physiology in relation to  posture, core, urination, defecation, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Gain knowledge of evidence-based conservative, non-pharmacological and non-surgical interventions you can implement immediatly for self and clients.
  • Acquire the proper technique for executing a pelvic contraction in order to instruct your clients effectively.
  • If you are unsure about being a pelvic floor specialist but recognize the increased demand, this course is a good starting point. 

Course curriculum

    1. Chapter 1, Lesson 1 -Statistics of pelvic floor dysfunction, general A&P of the male and femal pelvic floor function, effects of core and physical exercise on pelvic floor, precautions, and contraindications

    2. Chapter 1, Lesson 2 - Types and definitions of incontinence: stress, urge, mixed, prolapse, uterine, rectal and bladder with conservative treatment interventions.

    3. Chapter 1, Lesson 3 - Sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain with conservative interventions.

    1. Chapter 2, Lesson 1 - Side effects of pelvic floor dysfunction seen in other diagnoses: cancer, anxiety, neurological conditions, postpartum, obesity, menopause, orthopedic, trauma, and surgery

    2. Chapter 2, Lesson 2 - Screening tools, safe environment, trauma-informed care and when to refer.

    1. Chapter 3, Lab 1 - Learn how to do a pelvic floor contraction, defication positioning, self-assess urge and stress incontinence, behavior modifications and tips for nocturia.

    2. Chapter 3, Lab 2 - Breathwork

    3. Chapter 3, Lab 3 - Learn how to do a pelvic floor contraction and core exercises for the pelvic floor

    1. Copy of Course Evaluation - Pelvic Floor Basics Live Webinar

About this course

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Lisa Marshall, OTR/L, CLT, CLWT

Lisa is a highly experienced healthcare professional with over 33 years of experience in the industry. She started her career in homecare and went on to found Specialty Rehabilitation Inc. (SRI) after identifying a community need for woman's health and oncology. At SRI, Lisa initially provided therapy services for Fibromyalgia, pelvic floor dysfunction, including stress incontinence and urinary urgency, and later added lymphedema and oncology rehabilitation programs for all types of cancer. Lisa's expertise and outstanding contributions to oncology rehabilitation have been recognized by many, particularly at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center in Delaware. She is well-known for her national presentations on woman's health, oncology, and the holistic integration of breath, mind, body, and spirit into her wellness programs. Lisa's dedication and passion for helping others has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry and the lives of countless patients.